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Here you can contact an online tarot reader. A Tarot card reader or card reader is a person who can give you insights, advice, guidance and even can predict your future by using tarot cards. There are many different sorts of (tarot) cards. For example the Rider Waite Tarot cards, Mrs. Lenormand cards, Angel cards and Gypsy cards.

Card readers will give you a reading by using one, or maybe more different card decks to get an even clearer answer to your questions. Good card readers often have abilities like a strong intuition, clairsentience, clairvoyance and/or clairaudience so they don't get all of their information from just the cards.

They can use their abilities to get more clarity about what it is that the cards show exactly. You can get a reading from a card reader when you have a specific question you would like to get an answer to, like a question about love, about a certain situation, about a problem or about your career. You can also ask for a general reading. So even when you don't have a specific question you can contact a card reader. The card reader can give you insights in what is important for you at the moment. Or they can give you advise about how to handle certain situations in your life. The card reader can use the cards in different sorts of readings, such as

  • The six months reading
  • The year reading
  • The relationship reading
  • The love reading
  • The celtic cross reading
But there are of course many more readings the card reader can do with many different spreads. Some card readers even make up their own spreads. If you would like to get a quick reading you can ask for a 3 card reading. The card reader can then use the past, present and future spread. This is a very popular spread that can give you a quick answer to your question or it can predict a situation in your nearby future. As said before a good card reader also has more spiritual abilities like clairvoyance or clairsentience to help them in a reading. Therefore it means that many psychics, mediums and clairvoyants are also (Tarot) card readers. Some mediums of psychics may choose to use fortune telling cards in a reading or they will rely on there own personal abilities without using cards, it is all up to the spiritual adviser and what he of she prefers.

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