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Free psychic question answered
Free psychic question answered

Are you looking to get your free psychic question answered? We are glad to tell you that it is totally possible to get your psychic question answered in no time. Let us tell you how you can get a free answer to a burning question as soon as possible. All you have to do is register a free account to talk to our online psychics, psychic mediums, fortune tellers, clairvoyants, astrologers, tarot card readers and healers. You can have unlimited free chat and receive a free psychic answer or tarot card reading in no time. Many psychics are willing to provide free psychic questions to show you that they are experienced and genuine psychic readers. Register an account now, no credit card needed! Your psychic answer is just one chat away!

How to get 1 psychic question for free?

Let us tell you the best way to get a free answer to your question. Or the best way to get even 2 or 3 questions answered. 

To begin with you need to register a free account. Only then will you be able to ask your questions. 

When you have registered an account, which will only take seconds, you will get immediate access to all the public psychic chat rooms. Look for a psychic that you feel like is suitable for your question. 

Many psychic will offer a free question or tarot reading to show you that they can really connect with your energy. Some psychics offer all new chatters who enter the chat room a free tarot card of the day. Some psychics almost never answer questions for free. But there are no rules. The psychics can do whatever they please. So always be nice, this will get you far with the psychics and tarot card readers. 

Get a free psychic question answered guaranteed!

Another way to get a free psychic question answered is to register an account and validate a credit card. There is absolutely no deposit needed! No money will be charged! All you have to do is validate the credit card. After validating you will get 10.000 credits added to your account. You can use the credits to ask your psychic questions! 

How to formulate a free psychic question the right way

Before you ask your question you should really think about the way you are going to formulate the question. We can't emphasize the importance of how to formulate your question the right way in order to receive the kind of answer you hope to get. If you are looking for just a quick yes or no answer any question will be good enough. But when you are looking for a more detailed answer for clarity and insight you should avoid asking questions that could be answered with just a yes or no.

When you are having a question, and you want the Psychic's answer to contain the most detailed information about the relation, situation or whatever it is your question is about, it's always best to ask open-ended questions. For example the best way to formulate a question that provides a detailed answer would be : Can you tell me anything about my current relationship? Or : Is there anything I need to know about my partner? As you can see these questions would give you more information then a ''closed question'' that is formulated like this : Is my partner cheating on me? or Is my partner Mr. right?

Make sure you always formulate the question the right way so that you will get the most detailed answer to your question.

Tips to get a free psychic question as soon as possible

There are many psychics available at any time during the day and even at night. This means that you can have a free chat with all of them. The more you talk to them the bigger the chance that you will get a free psychic question. If the psychics says no to a free question then feel free to start a chat with another psychic. If the psychic says no at this moment that does not mean that they won't be willing tomorrow. It is totally possible to get a answer at no cost if you take the time to have a conversation. Try all public chat rooms if you feel like it. 

Another tip is to buy some credits now and then to pay for a reading. When the psychic sees that you are a serious client they will offer you free answers more often. Have a look at our top 5 best online Psychics!

Or register an account and validate a credit card to get 10.000 credits immediately, no deposit needed!

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We also offer accurate psychic readings over the phone. We have the best psychics, fortunetellers, clairvoyants and tarot card readers who are experienced in providing professional psychic phone readings. Our phone psychics are recommended by thousands of satisfied people from all over the world! 

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