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Welcome to our free astrology chat rooms! Here you can contact an online astrologer for an accurate astrology chat reading. An astrology reading can give us insights into all sorts of topics including our love life, money, career, relationships, health, karma and even spirituality. We offer unlimited free astrology chat for you to ask all sorts of questions about astrology and astrology readings. And you can even get some free answers and readings during the public chat with a professional astrologer! Or get 9,99 credits for a free private reading when joining! No deposit needed! Keep reading to fully understand how it works!

What is an Astrologer?

Astrology is very complex, much like ourselves. You could literally study it for a lifetime. But it can definitely be a very fun way to explore yourself. It is all about finding a connection between the earth and the cosmos. To truly understand astrology, a little research is surely needed.

People who have practiced astrology are called astrologers. They believe that the positions of the moon, sun and other planets at the time of our birth have great influence on our character and destiny. This is observed through a birth chart. The birth chart shows the location of each planet and the distance between them. All of them having their own function and energy.

Each planet in the sky sends of different types of vibrational energy and we are able to feel this on earth. These planets move around and change houses which has an effect on the influence they have at certain points or areas in our lives. 

Every planet that orbits the sun also has an effect on different parts of your personality and characteristics.   

Astrology is very popular these days. Most of us know our sun sign, it is determined by our date of birth. We have all read our horoscope in a newspaper or magazine at some point in life. But astrology is much more than a sun sign and a horoscope is only a small part of it. Our ascendant sign or rising sign plays an equally big role in astrology.

To produce a more accurate and detailed reading it is important to look at every sign and planet and their exact location at the time of your birth. 

Astrology is the study of the movements of celestial bodies such as the sun and the moon and how they effect and influence our human lives. We could call it the 'science of the stars'. For centuries astrology has been used to explain and predict events that occur on earth.

What can an Astrologer do For You?

An astrologer is able to 'read' the stars. They understand the position of the planets in the birth chart of a person. An astrologer can create a natal chart which reflects a person's characteristics, predicts their future and sheds light on past events. Through this chart we are able understand ourselves, which in turn helps us live a more satisfying life.

Next to a birth chart, astrologers can even create a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly forecast, for you personally. All they need is the exact date, time and place of your birth. The birth chart is like a fingerprint, it is unique and no one else has exactly the same one. If you do not know your time of birth you can still receive an accurate reading but the positions of the planets might not be exact.

Given the date of birth of you and your partner, an astrologer can make a compatibility report. Explained in this report will be the nature of your attraction, aspects in which you are most compatible and much more.

It is possible to zoom in on every topic of your life. If you would like to know more about your career and where you are heading, an astrologer can create a career report. Other examples are spiritual reports, karmic insights, friend reports, health reports or future forecasts.

An astrologer can give you exact information about your personality traits and your characteristics, even your talents and weaknesses. By having your birth chart calculated it is even possible to determine in which areas of life you are most likely to succeed and what areas might need a little more focus. You can also take a look at how you can expand your luck and create more wealth in your life.

Free Chat with Online Astrologers

If you would like a detailed and specific horoscope having a professional astrologer calculate your natal chart is something to consider. You can chat for free with our experienced astrologers and get a professional astrology reading online.

As told already, Astrology is a very complicated study. Our highly experienced and schooled Astrologers are happy to help you with any question you have regarding Astrology. Do you want to know more about what you can learn from your birth sign for example? Or are you curious how the Astrologer will calculate your natal chart? 

That's why we have the ability to chat for free with our Astrologers! It's only fair for you to get some more information from and about the Astrologer, instead of immediately start paying for a reading. If you don't like what you see or hear, you should not be obligated to pay immediately. That is why we give you the chance to search exactly what you are looking for without losing dollars by just doing your necessary research.

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