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Welcome to free fortune teller chat rooms! Here you can contact an online Fortune teller for a professional fortune teller chat reading! The chat rooms are 24/7 available for unlimited free chat and accurate video chat or video call readings! You can even get a free fortune reading up to 10 minutes! Or you can get a Yes or No question answered during a no cost chat. All the online fortune tellers are extensively screened and have proven that they can provide accurate and professional chat readings for honest answers, guidance and future predictions. Join fortune teller chat now and find out what the future has in store for you. Join today and get 9,99 credits right away!

What Exactly is a Fortune Teller?

A Fortune teller or seer is a person who is specialized in predicting your future, by using their intuition, paranormal gifts and mostly also by using one or more divination tools. There are many different kinds of divination tools. For example, a Fortune teller can make use of several kinds of Tarot or Oracle cards. But they can also use Rune stones, a pendulum, or the typical crystal ball with which Fortune tellers are often pictured or imagined with when thinking of one.

During a Fortune teller reading or seer reading you can ask questions about your future, about certain topics, relationships and people. But you can also keep the reading blank, and let the Fortune teller take a look into your future to predict events and happenings that will occur to and for you, soon or later! 

Free Fortune Teller Chat Rooms 

Do you want to get in contact with a reliable fortune reader? Are you specifically looking for an online predictor or fortune teller who uses Tarot cards to predict your future? Or would you like to receive some future predictions, done by a professional Fortune teller through gazing in his or her crystal ball? Try a free psychic chat with our highly trusted online Fortune tellers. Chat 100% free for unlimited time!

During this free Fortune teller chat you are able to see, and often even hear the Fortune teller and you can get to know the him/her and get familiar with the way he or she works. You get to see what gifts and divination tools the Fortune teller uses to get his or her information and you are free to ask pretty much every question about the Fortune teller's work. We have such a wide range of online Psychics, Fortune tellers, Mediums, Tarot card readers and other Spiritual consultants that we can assure you that you will find exactly what and who you are looking for! 

The free psychic chat is really 100% free, for unlimited time and you have absolutely no obligations! You are free to spend some time just relaxing, watching, chatting and listening in the live chat room of the online Fortune teller. During this chat you can even receive some totally free future predictions! Many consultants offer demo readings on a regular basis. They also love to offer free tarot messages or answer questions for free! 

Get a Free Fortune Teller Reading Guaranteed

You can now take advantage of our special welcome offer for all new registered users! All you have to do is register a free account and validate your credit card, no deposit needed! You will immediately get 9,99 free credits added to you account!

How does an Online Fortune Teller Chat Reading Work?

Once you have looked around a little bit (or perhaps for quite some time), and you now know how everything works, it's totally up to you to decide if you want to request an extensive private Fortune teller reading. A private reading is not free of charge. Every Fortune teller has his or her own rate per minute for private readings. Make sure you are aware of the rate, so you know exactly how much time you have (fitting your budget or purchased credit package) to ask all you want to know!

During the free chat you can request a private personal reading at any moment. When a predictor or Fortune teller is present in his or her free chat room, it means that he or she is available for private readings too. When someone requests a private reading, the Fortune teller won't be available for free chat anymore because he/she is doing a one on one session with the person who requested the private reading.

A huge advantage when requesting an online Fortune teller reading with us, relative to requesting a fortune teller reading with a fortune teller in a practice is that you can decide yourself when you would like to receive a reading. Would you like one right now? Would you like one at 2 AM? No problem at all! You can just easily register an account in a few easy steps, which won't take longer than 2 minutes, and you can start chatting right away. 24/7, day and night! We have Spiritual consultants from all over the world, and at every time of the day there will be Fortune tellers available for free and paid readings via live video chat and video call.

If you like the Fortune teller and the way he/she works you can request the private reading in the free chat and you will immediately switch to a private room where it will be only you and the Fortune teller. And than...let the unraveling of your (nearby) future begin!

What Subjects and Topics can You Discuss?

You can discuss all important life topics with our fortune tellers. For example, love, relationships, work, money, children, moving, pregnancy and health. Our Fortune tellers are of course specialized in doing future predictions, and future forecasts. You can specifically ask for seer predictions in any desired direction if you would want to. Of course, you can also let the Fortune teller tell you what he/she sees for you, without asking any questions or pointing him/her in a certain direction.

Would you like to know about your love life in the future? Or maybe you would want to know if you will make a career switch or if you will be getting a promotion? Here are some examples of our Fortune teller's most frequently asked questions:

  • Will I get pregnant?
  • Will it be a boy or a girl?
  • Is the man/woman I am with Mr. or Mrs right?
  • Will he ask me to marry him?
  • Will I get married within 2 years?
  • Will I reach the goals I have set for myself?
  • Will me and my ex rekindle our relationship?
  • Do you see me buying a house in the next few months?
  • Will my financial situation change?
  • Will I soon be financially independent?
  • Is my partner cheating on me?

Reviews and Feedback from Visitors

What can help you decide if the Fortune teller you've set your eye on is the real deal, more than anything? Right! Experiences, reviews and feedback from other people who have had a private reading already. All of our online Fortune tellers have a profile, with information about themselves, about their work and about their specialties. But on their profile you can also find ratings, reviews and feedback from other people's readings. Read these, and you will know for sure that the Fortune teller is worth your time, and, most important, your trust!

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