About Oranum Psychics - Free psychic chat

Oranum is a great place to get your spiritual journey started by finding answers to some of your biggest questions.

Oranum psychics are legitimate and trustworthy psychics and because of this, through the years, Oranum has been able to create a great name for itself. Starting in 2010 in Poland and later in 2011 in the U.S. they have grown to become a respected member of the psychic community. Their capable and professional psychics have been able to help people from all over the world with many great reviews to show for it.

Oranum psychic website
Oranum psychic website

Oranum is the only psychic site that focusses on live video chats which enables the receiver to experience their psychic reading as if being face to face in real life. The psychics benefit from this is that he or she will be able to more accurately connect to your energy to ensure you receive the most detailed information possible.

There are certain times in our lives when we could use some extra support. We all get to these points. Whether we are heartbroken, grieving, waiting for a break or windfall or when we feel just plain stuck. You might be wondering what your purpose is in this life. It is only natural to turn to others for help. Those people can include friends, family or even psychics. Sometimes an outsider can provide the best subjective advice. 

Why Choose for Oranum Psychics

Surely, there are many different psychic chat sites on the internet that promise accurate psychic readings so why choose for Oranum psychics? This is a decision that you should make entirely yourself. You could let the following facts and useful information influence that decision if you want.

Just a few reasons you could consider Oranum psychics

Before a psychic is approved for joining the Oranum psychics team they are extensively screened and tested by the Oranum personnel. These are psychics from all over the world who require certain characteristics, like being highly sympathetic, in order to qualify for the job.

You can look for a psychic you feel with suit you best by scrolling through all available psychics from all places over the entire world. You'll be able to see their faces live to make your choice easier. They will be ready and waiting for you to join a video chat. Pretty impressive.

There are always enough psychics to choose from at any time of the day. Click on their profile picture to end up on their personal page where you might find them chatting live in the free chat rooms. See how they interact to determine whether or not you want a reading from them.

You can start your personal psychic chat at Oranum fast and easy by clicking the button "private chat" next to your desired psychic. This will take you to a separate window with your psychic to start your very own reading.

At Oranum you have the ability to schedule a reading with the psychic of your choosing so you can be sure to spend your own available time with them. Never again wait for your psychic to be online or to be free to chat with you. Simply pick a date and time on their calendar.

In the Oranum Awards section you can find the top 100 psychics at Oranum to help you figure out which psychic is for you.

The site is easy to use and registering is simple.

Oranum Website

The website is user friendly and has a great search function so you can easily filter between different abilities or skills that you would like your psychic to have. You can also filter on language or user rating.

Signing up doesn't take long and you only have to verify your email. There is a top 100 of the best Oranum psychics. You can read the Oranum blog, read your free horoscope and of course join the free chat room.

What is so Great about Oranum's Live Video Chat Readings?

You might be asking yourself why a live video chat has more benefits than a regular chat or phone reading. We can help you understand a little better with the next few reasons:

  • Live video chats are easier and quicker than regular chats because depending on your or your psychics typing speed you could lose valuable time and energy that can be put to better use. Like your reading.
  • You are able to see each other making it easier to determine whether this psychic is for you or not. This also helps you figure out if they are the real deal or if the energy feels a little "off" to you. Many other great psychics to choose from so no worries.
  • By using live video chat it is possible to utilize different techniques that cannot be performed in a regular chat or phone reading such as a Chakra reading, Palm reading or rituals. Your psychic is also able to show you your Card reading so you know there is no tempering going on.
  • You can see exactly what your psychic is doing during a live video chat. Be sure that your psychic is paying full attention to you and the reading and nothing else.
  • By the use of body language and facial expressions a message is easier conveyed to you in the right way. Lesser chances for misunderstandings and an experience that feels unique and personal to you.

Where can Oranum Psychics Help you With?

Just like all other psychics, psychics at Oranum can help you with numerous topics, issues or problems. Your needs are different from others and Oranum psychics know that what they offer should resonate with more then just one person. 

That is why they offer many sorts of different readings to support and guide you.

Here are some examples:

  • Astrology readings
  • Future predictions
  • Contact with spirits
  • Love and relationships
  • Palm readings
  • Chakra reading
  • Energy healing
  • Numerology readings
  • Card readings
  • Work and business
  • Home and family
  • Pregnancy readings
  • Dream interpretation
  • And much more!

When you have decided the type of reading you are going for you can start to narrow down the list of potential psychics you might be willing to choose from. Check out their personal profile to see their personal expertise and qualifications. Here you can also find out whether or not they have won any Oranum Awards. This is an instant indication that they are very well liked by other Oranum customers. Being well liked means that people approve of their readings and the information they provide. This can help you in your decision making.

Tips when Choosing your Oranum Psychic

  • Always check their personal page for clues on their likeability and accuracy. Their personal page can include customer testimonials and inspiring quotes or images.
  • Read reviews
  • Follow a free chat with your psychic and other customer or see if you can start a free chat of your own.
  • If they are unavailable at the time you can watch their personal video where they describe who they are and what they do.
  • Write down some basic questions you need answered and see their response to find out if you two are compatible.

By using these tips you should be able to single out a few psychics that fit your needs or tickle your curiosity. But before you can judge you will have to try it out yourself.

In order to make the best use of your psychic reading at Oranum it is best to ask specific questions and to avoid yes or no questions. You can use some of these:

  • What can I do to better our relationship?
  • How will my relationship evolve?
  • How will I like my new job?
  • What does my future look like when it comes to money and business?
  • When is the best time for me to move houses or sign a new contract?

Pro's of Oranum Psychic Website

  • Oranum psychics are available for video chat 24/7 in a variety of different languages
  • First and only psychic website that offers free chat before purchase
  • Video chat with your camera on or off so you can keep your privacy
  • Explore your psychics personal page for advise, quotes etc.
  • 9,99 free credits by registering an account
  • An award program where customers can vote on their favorite psychic
  • You can join the fan club to get access to exclusive premium content
  • Great customer support service, live chat and email
  • You can create your very own personal account

At Oranum you are in capable hands. All psychics are screened and tested which is one less thing to worry about. The only thing you have to do is find the psychic that can help you out with your personal query. Read their profile to see their abilities and where they are specialized in and join them in a free chat room to see if you guys click.

Also make sure you have privacy when before you engage in your psychic reading. You don't want to have to walk the dog or take your kids to bed during your reading. You are entitled to some peace and quite so relax and take a few deep breaths, open up and enjoy.

How to Make sure that You are not being Scammed?

All psychics are human and humans make mistakes. We all have good and bad days but in some cases a negative experience with a psychic has nothing to do with having a bad day. This is not a decision that is easily made. It would also be unfair to a psychic to judge too quickly. Don't take it lightly when accusing someone of scamming. Base your decisions on grounded reasons and make sure you have ticked off all other possibilities like misunderstandings etc.

Most importantly, you should listen to your own instinct when it comes to trusting a psychic. Even though Oranum psychics are always tested and screened you should be cautious and not too gullible. Go with your gut feeling.

And even if you feel like your psychic is way off don't disregard them right away. Psychics will read the energy of the moment and although it doesn't make perfect sense to you right now, it could in the future. Do not close yourself off too quickly and give the reading a chance. Go into a reading with an open mind but also pay close attention to what is exactly being said.

Let a few months go by before you post a bad review. Chances are things will come around anyway.

That being said you should pay extra attention to the following:

  • Listen carefully to what is being said. Is the information clear and accurate enough? Or is the info vague and applicable to anyone?
  • Make sure they are not beating around the bush and avoiding to answer your question to make you buy more time.
  • Are they giving you answers that sound too good to be true? Chances are they are too good.
  • When they tell you you have fallen victim to a curse or spell and you should pay more to have the curse lifted then this is a red flag.
  • You should never be told you future is set unless you let them change it by paying extra.
  • Make sure your psychic is not distracted but pays close attention to you.

Join Oranum Free Psychic Chat Rooms

Do you want to find out how you will like the Oranum psychic chat rooms? Then feel free to register a free account here. You can chat for free for unlimited time before paying and you can even get some free answers during the free chat. Or validate a credit card and get a free psychic reading right away, no deposit needed!