What does paranormal mean?

Paranormal is a word used to describe an occurrence of an event or happening without reasonable or scientific explanation. But paranormal literally means beyond the normal. It is anything that is not detectable with our normal five senses or explainable by natural sources or science, at least not yet.

One question we might ask ourselves is what is normal and what isn´t. Most people have their own ideas and beliefs about what paranormal is. Paranormal events may include ghosts sightings or apparitions, hauntings, telekinesis, orbs and much more. To some people paranormal even means vampires, werewolves and bigfoot. Although what may seem normal to one person could be paranormal to the next.

There are some humans that have developed psychic abilities. People who own these abilities are also known to be paranormal, they are called mediums or psychics. They sense and or feel energy not visible to most of us. This means they have extrasensory perception. They are able to use energy and vibrations to perceive information. It is referred to as a sixth sense. A professional medium is also able to connect to people that have crossed over to the other side. This is especially helpful to us when we seek closure or want to contact our loved ones one more time.

Paranormal and Psychic abilities
Paranormal and Psychic abilities

A few examples of paranormal or psychic abilities are clairvoyance, to be able to visually see paranormal phenomena including ghosts and other entities. Clairaudience, to hear messages from entities or spirits. Clairsentience, strong gut feelings or a clear knowing about certain past, present or future events or the presence of other life forms. These are unique gifts not many of us can say we own.

Most people aren't sure what to think of the paranormal, some even fear it. This could be due to the fact that it is unknown to us. It is not every day that we encounter such events. There a lot of forums and threads on the internet where people share and discuss their experiences, beliefs and opinions. Concluding there is still much speculation about the paranormal.

But there are also groups of people who are intrigued by the paranormal. They research and investigate reportedly haunted houses, hospitals or graveyards to be able to gather evidence and information. Most of them experienced their own paranormal event and want to prove to the world that there is in fact more then what we might be aware of. There is little evidence of paranormal occurrences recorded throughout history but recently a lot more technology has become available to us. Different ways of recording and detecting have become very useful in these sorts of investigations. Nowadays we can also enjoy television shows and movies dedicated to this topic.

There have been a great number of reports of paranormal activity. People from around the world believe there is more out there then what is always visible to us. Sometimes we experience things we cannot grasp or wrap are head around. Maybe you ever felt the hairs on the back of your neck stand up or you felt like something or someone was watching you. You might have even seen strange objects or apparitions. When we encounter something we do not understand or believe to be possible a medium or psychic could be of help. They are able to sense or feel what it is that we experienced and explain this to us in a more logical way. It helps us understand and maybe even except certain unalienable truths.

Some of us believe there is always a logical reason to any happening or occurrence. While researchers and scientists around the world have yet to rationally explain each paranormal or supernatural event.

Paranormal events or phenomena may not be explainable but this does not mean they aren't real. Maybe someday we come to learn that paranormal isn't that abnormal after all. Until we have the answers to everything we still have a lot to learn about the world around us.

Are you having paranormal experiences?

If you are having paranormal experiences yourself and you would like to know why you are experiencing them and what they mean or what they are trying to teach you, you can contact a psychic medium for answers and clarity. Sometimes it can be scary when you are experiencing paranormal things that you cant explain.

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