Free tarot card readings online

Totally free tarot card readings via live chat

Welcome to our free tarot chat room! Here you can get totally free tarot card readings online! And when we say totally free, we mean totally free! 

You do not have to register an account or make a deposit in order to receive the totally free tarot reading! It is 100% free, no nonsense! Everybody can participate for a free tarot card reading!

How does the free tarot chat work

We have a couple of free tarot card readers who offer absolutely free tarot card readings in our free tarot chat room directly on the website. 

When will there be a free tarot reader Available?

There is not always a Tarot card reader present in the free Tarot chat room. When you like and follow us on Facebook we can keep you up to date about our absolutely free tarot readings and the times that there will be a free Tarot card reader available for free readings. 

The card readers do not answer personal questions in the chat room because that would take to much time and the card readers wouldn't be able to help as much people. Every person in the chat room that is present during the time that one of our card readers is available for free readings, will receive a free personal one card reading. Although the card readers do not answer specific questions during the free reading, you will see that often your reading will contain information about the question or situation you have in mind anyway.

What kinds of free readings are there being offered in the free Tarot chat room

Our card readers offer different kinds of Tarot, Oracle and Angel card readings on a regular basis! We leave it totally up to them to decide what kind of reading they want to do in the free tarot chat! When there is a date and time scheduled for one of our card readers to be present in the chat room we will announce this on Facebook. We will also let you know what kind of readings the card reader will be doing that day/evening/night. 

General Readings - Love Readings - Original Tarot readings - Angel Card Readings - Oracle card readings - Spirit Message Readings - Messages from deceased loved ones - Past Life readings - Life Purpose Readings - & much more!

Reviews and Ratings

Curious about what others think of our card readers, their talents and services? Read the experiences and reviews HERE! We also truly value your honest opinion, so if you have received a reading yourself please rate us 1 to 5 stars on Facebook too! Thank you!

Free tarot card readings

Please enter our free tarot chat room for a free tarot card reading

Note: Please be respectful to our card readers and other visitors when it is crowded in the free chat and the card reader is doing free readings! The card reader will help everyone in order of entering the chat room, so when it's really busy, please be patient and gently wait your turn. Thank you all in advance! 

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More free tarot card readings online

If you are interested in more online tarot card readings you can register an account and start a free psychic chat. During this free psychic chat you can even receive free tarot card readings. (If a card reader is doing free readings).

Get 9,99 credits for a free Psychic reading by validating a credit card!

When you validate your credit card you can get a free psychic reading or tarot card reading immediately. No deposit needed! You can also chat with online psychics, psychic mediums, clairvoyants, healers, astrologers and coaches. 

Free 3 minute phone reading

Contact one of our tarot readers by phone and get the first 3 minutes for free! We have highly recommended psychics, psychic mediums and tarot readers for accurate phone readings!