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Welcome to our free fortune teller chat rooms. Here you can chat with a fortune teller online totally for free! 

During a Fortuneteller chat you can ask questions about your near and even your distant future, and you will receive accurate predictions. A Fortuneteller chat is extremely exciting, because the online Fortuneteller will reveal what's hidden for you in your future! With us, you can chat absolutely for free for unlimited time with our highly experienced online Fortunetellers. Register a free account and start a free Fortuneteller chat right away. You can even get a free 10 minute Fortune and prosperity reading!

How does an online fortune teller reading work?

To start off, we think it's wise for you to browse through the different kinds of Fortunetellers we have, just to find out with which Fortuneteller you feel like you can have a genuine connection. If you ask us, there's nothing more important than for you to have a certain connection with the Fortuneteller you will receive a personal Fortuneteller reading from. Once you have made your choice, we offer you the option to enter the online Fortunetellers' chat room for free, without having to create an account or what so ever! When the online Fortuneteller is in his or her public chat room, you can see the online Fortuneteller via his or her webcam and often hear him/her through mic. You can get to know the Fortuneteller by chatting with him or her for free. You can ask anything you would like to know about him/her. This way you can get to know the online Fortuneteller before you decide if you want to pay for a private fortune reading. If you don't like what you see/hear or you don't feel the connection like you would want to, then you can just leave the public chat room and continue your search for another online Fortuneteller.

Please note that when you enter the public chat room as a guest, you can not have unlimited chat. After a few minutes you will be asked to create an account. After registering you can enjoy 100% free chat with all of our professional Fortunetellers and other consultants.

Well now let's continue! Once you have found the right Fortuneteller for you, and you would like to request a private reading you can just simply register a free account (if you haven't already done so), which will take no longer than 2 minutes. 

After registering, you can purchase credits immediately, which you will need to request a private reading. Purchasing credits can be done with various payment methods, such as credit card, Paysafecard, Paypal, iDeal and even different kinds of cryptocurrency. After finishing your payment, your credits will be credited to your account immediately so you can request a private reading. It's up to our online Fortunetellers themselves to decide what their charge per minute is. So it's important for you to know that not every online Fortuneteller hands the same rate. The minimum rate for our professional Fortuneteller readings are 99 cts per minute.

Requesting a private reading can be done directly in the public chat room of your chosen Fortuneteller. When a Fortuneteller is occupied because someone has requested a private chat, it's needless to say that they won't be present in their public chat room as well. A private reading is really a private reading, and the online Fortuneteller will dedicate him or herself completely to you and your queries during your personal online Fortuneteller reading. Are you done with your reading? You can exit the private chat anytime you would like.

What can I get to know during an online Fortuneteller reading? 

During an online Fortuneteller reading you can gain insight(s) in a certain situation, you can get all of your burning questions answered, you can find closure and comfort when needed, and best and most amazing of all is the fact that you can get real and accurate future predictions.

Our professional online Fortunetellers are well known for their absolute experience and extreme accuracy when it comes to making future predictions for people. You wouldn't believe the stories of people and visitors who went before you and who have gotten the most detailed predictions which all came true! We understand that people can be sceptics, and so we would really like to invite you to try a personal online Fortuneteller reading yourself. Let yourself be amazed by the high accuracy for which our Fortunetellers are known. Are you curious about your future? Would you like to get a little bit of personal mystery get revealed by our professional online Fortunetellers? Just try...

An online fortuneteller reading is very suitable when you would like to get future predictions or insights in general, but also when you have a specific question about a certain subject or topic. For example, you would really like to know if you will switch jobs or you would like to know if you will get the promotion you have aimed for? Maybe you are curious about your love life in the future. You would really like to know if you will finally meet someone who you will end up getting a relation with, or you would like to know how many children you will have with the love of your life? Or are you pregnant already and you do not want to wait for the doctor to tell you what the baby's gender is? All these questions are absolutely fit for an online Fortuneteller to answer! There's no subject too crazy, no topic too weird. Just ask the question, and you will get a clear and accurate answer.

Here are some examples of questions you can ask an online Fortune teller

⦁ Can you tell me the gender of our baby?

⦁ Will I get pregnant within 6 months?

⦁ Will he ask me to marry me someday?

⦁ Is this the person I will spend the rest of my life with?

⦁ Will this career switch be the right thing to do?

⦁ Will my financial situation approve in the next year?

⦁ Will my own business flourish this year?

Briefly, we can say, that from an online Fortuneteller reading you can gain absolute clarity, unexpected answers and the most detailed future and prosperity predictions so you can prepare yourself and have faith and comfort in what's waiting for you in the future.

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Have we gotten you interested in our online Fortuneteller chat rooms? Please feel free to register a free account, and enjoy unlimited free chat with our highly experienced and accurate online Fortunetellers. New members can even take advantage of our offer for a 10 minute free Fortuneteller reading! The only thing you would have to do in order to receive that, is to validate a credit card to your account. After validating your credit card to your new account you will receive 9,99 free credits which you can use for a free online Fortuneteller chat reading up to 10 minutes! (Depending on the charge per minute of the chosen consultant). Please note that your credit card will not be charged for this! It's for validation only.

Register a free account, validate your credit card  and get 9,99 free credits!

Accurate Fortuneteller Phone readings

Would you rather talk to an experienced Fortuneteller over the phone than online via chat? Not a problem at all! You can also get in contact with our highly experienced and proven phone Fortunetellers. Get your own fortuneteller reading over the phone today! Our phone Fortunetellers are also 24/7 available, and if you sign up for a free account now you can make use of one of our great welcome deals. Get a 10 minute Fortuneteller phone reading for just $1,99, or get your first 3 minutes totally for free!